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Sent Into Space

Sent Into Space’s work includes global marketing stunts, space cinematography for documentary and cinema, scientific research, aerospace research and development, educational projects and even ash scattering memorial services! Regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and with fully public liability insurance, they are unrivaled in their launch record!

If you ever though about launching something into space like a product of your company, a special device you designed or just sending a message with an outstanding view, you will probably turn into this company.

SpaceInfo had the pleasure to ask some questions to the World’s leading marketing-focused Space Agency.

What does Sent Into Space do?

Sent Into Space is a marketing-focused space agency, perhaps the first of its kind in the world. We use lighter-than-air platforms to travel to the upper stratosphere, in the region of Near Space, for business and consumer clients across a variety of industries.

Who are the founders?

Sent Into Space was founded by Dr Chris Rose and Dr Alex Baker, who met while studying for their PhDs in Mechanical Engineering. Their first launch was nothing more than a hobby project conducted alongside their studies, but when their video documenting the process went viral in 2011, the pair were inundated with requests from businesses wanting their own space launch for a range of applications. Now, Alex acts as CTO, managing the engineering side, while Chris is the company’s Head of Projects & Business Development, coordinating projects with clients.

Why was it founded? What’s the value proposition?

Following the influx of requests Chris and Alex received after their first launch, Sent Into Space was founded with the aim of providing access to Near Space for both marketing and research purposes. As the world leaders in commercial Near Space launches, we are unmatched not only in our engineering capabilities but also with our full in-house creative team. In the years since Sent Into Space's founding, we have conducted more than a thousand launches in countries across the globe.

What's the strangest thing Sent Into Space has launched?

Having completed thousands of launches, we've launched quite a few peculiar things into space. It's hard to name just one, but certainly amongst the strangest items we have launched into space is a blender! We undertook a project with BlendJet where we launched one of their portable blenders into space to make a smoothie 100,000 feet above the Earth.

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(Images are courtesy of Sent Into Space)


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