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Michael Callari - MAIA Space

Thanks to Dr. Raphaël Chevrier, Head of Communications at MaiaSpace, the SpaceInfo Club had the opportunity to interview Michael Callari, Chief Business Officer at MaiaSpace. Enjoy the read!

MaiaSpace is a relatively new player in the space industry. As the Chief Business Officer, what attracted you to join the company? 

Indeed, MaiaSpace was created in April 2022. I joined this young company for several key elements. Being part of a challenging endeavor from almost the creation, joining and helping to grow a diverse and talented team was extremely motivating. The fact that reusability and sustainability are at the core of the MaiaSpace culture and embedded in the design since Day 1 is also completely aligned with my own vision and values around space activities. Last but not least, I am totally convinced with the core strategy of MaiaSpace to combine European heritage technology – we will use Prometheus engines developed by our mother company ArianeGroup since 2014 – with its own agile and innovative processes and culture of risk in a winning combination. 

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