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How it Works: Space Medicine

To give you an idea on how turbulent the work of a Flight Surgeon can be, this interview ended up with the words 'now I have to go, we've got an emergency!'

I was very pleased to talk with Dr. Ashok Narayanamoorthi, MBBS, MD, MRAeS (UK) a few days ago: we talked about Space, Medicine and... Space Medicine!

Discover how astronauts stay healthy in the harsh environment of space, the challenges of microgravity on the human body, and the cutting-edge research shaping the future of space exploration. 

Dr. Narayanamoorthi, a leading expert in aerospace medicine, shares insights into the innovative technologies and medical protocols used to ensure the safety and well-being of astronauts. Whether you're a space enthusiast or curious about medical science... subscribe for more!


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