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Space all in one place, for you.

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SpaceInfo's mission is to make space knowledge accessible to all, from novice enthusiasts to experts. We simplify complex concepts and offer comprehensive content, bridging the gap between the curious and the experienced. Join us in exploring the Universe.

The core of the SpaceInfo Club is our Magazine. Published once in a month, high quality information is available and easily accessible to everyone, both who is a seasoned expert in the field and who is approaching Space just now.

And it's free. Join the Members Club!

Collaboration and knowledge share are key when networking with people. Explore all the People, Companies and Projects we are constantly collaborating with.

The highest quality information we produce.

Whether you're an aspiring aerospace engineer, a space enthusiast, or simply curious about what we love the most, our courses will ignite your knowledge.

If you are on the step towards your college or if you have been working in a completely different field, our formation covers all the levels of preparation you are looking for. Explore it!

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Live Stream

Watch Planet Earth Live from 36.000 kilometers above!

Some articles

SpaceInfo News
SpaceInfo Education


From Deep Space missions

to Earth orbiting satellites,

with everything in between.

You will not miss any insight from

people working in the field.


Inside the periodic content and within the courses we are releasing you will be able to learn the basics and the advanced concepts behind the elements of Space: Astronomy, Physics and Engineering!

SpaceInfo Engineering and Technology
SpaceInfo Space Economy

Engineering & Technology

All the ideas and concepts for those who want more. 

All the Technology behind Space missions.

From the past to the present and future, 

with a look on everyday life consequences.

Space Economy

Space is also a business, for public Agencies,

but even more for private companies.

Everything related to the economical aspect of Space

and all the opportunities of 'Making Space'.

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